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Problem with Digital laserpointer functionality in Powerpoint 2016 MSI version.

When we use the digital laserpoint in the powerpoint presenter view of the Office 2016 MSI version. With certain presentation when we move the mouse a lot in the presenter view screen and then ask for the next sllide. The computer seems to hang for a couple of seconnds. If you then ask multiple times for next slide we get even the application stopped responding. If you wait long enough the presentation continues. We don't have the issue with Office 365 version latest build. The OS we use is Windows 10 latest build. With the latest build of Office click to run the issue is resolved. We can reproduce the issue with different presentations. We can provide you one for testing if need be.

Office 365 ticket info.
Ticket 10170336
Here is the information we have discussed about over the phone:
Please find below my assessment of the issue. Do let me know if anything is incorrect or if I am missing any information.
Issue Description:
When opening a PowerPoint Presentation in Presenter View (by pressing F5) the Laser Pointer function is lagging and causing crashes in the application when it is used to point to images (mainly the ones from slide 4 or similar in the example presentation).
Issue Resolution:
The issue the Click To run Version the issue was solved with the latest update as per
Additional Support Resources / Value Adds: On the MSI version of Office the issue still persists. Please also check the following link to see if they already offered a fix for the issue: Also, updating to the latest version might solve the issue.
If there is no fix with the latest version, please contact VLCS Support by following the link:
Please make sure that you click on the correct region first.
Your availability is important for the successful troubleshooting of the case, as I may require additional information or need to provide you with some instructions to resolve the query, as well as a follow up on the status.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Alina Mandescu
Support Engineer LOB: Office 365
My working hours: Monday – Friday (9:00 AM EEST – 5:00 PM EEST)
My Technical Lead : Luis Liborio | Email :
My Team Manager : Andrei Stanciu | Email :

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