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    Megan Scala commented  · 

    I actually have a work around for this after struggling for a while. Instead of creating a new slide to transition after an animation, just create the whole sequence on one slide. It looks wonky on the back end it but if done right the viewer will never be able to tell.

    Here's what I'm doing and my problem:

    I have a team slide where there are six headshots. I want each person's image to get larger when that person speaks. Originally, I had all six on one slide and then the next slide was the person's image larger with everyone else's image gone. I needed the zoom in to be automatic after previous - meaning after the last slide transition, so it looked seamless. The zoom out (before the next slide) needed to be on click since I dont know how long the person was going to talk while their image was up. I then needed that slide to transition to the next slide after the zoom out or "with previous" but as you know, that isn't an option; the person clicking would have to quickly click after the zoom out so the next slide seamlessly transitioned. That can be done in theory but I know it would end up looking weird and I don't trust the person clicking to get the timing down.

    So now here's my solution:

    All six headshots on one slide as usual, then the larger image overlayed (it looks messy on your end of things). Put a fade out animation on all the headshots as animation #1 on click. Put a zoom in animation on larger headshot as animation #2 with previous. Put zoom out animation on larger headshot as animation #3 on click (after person is ready to finish). Put fade in animation on all the headshots as animation #4 with previous. Repeat the process for each of the 5 headshots on the same slide. Tedious, but it works.

    I hope this helps! It's ridiculous that they don't have the option to auto transition after a slide animation is finished. Not everyone is timing their presentations or are able to see presenter mode with the countdown - especially now while screen sharing and your entire team is working in separate locations - there's just no way to know when your time is up. It would be so easy to add this option. I prefer Keynote for this and so many other reasons. I hope this helps!

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